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Understanding how to get the salary you want takes negotiating skills and a knowledge of what jobs actually pay. A number of resources to find salaries exist. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks mean pay in various professions, and give salary ranges, while lists what employees at specific companies say they get paid. Every pay discussion should start with this rule: Don't agree to the first number you hear.

The Basics

Getting Paid What You Want
Whether you're moving from one job to another or unemployed and looking for work, there are steps you can take to make sure you get the best possible salary offer.
How to Get the Salary You Want Why You May Never Make the Same Salary Again When a Pay Cut Is Worth It

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The big picture: National hiring trends
What's hot: Creative positions and skills in highest demand
Salary ranges for more than 100 creative and marketing positions
Figures to localize salaries for more than 130 U.S. markets
Puzzles and games to keep you creatively charged
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