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Career Advice Nov 08 2011

Commission Sales Jobs Attract New Graduates

Pressured by high unemployment, more college graduates are moving into into commission sales, hawking knives and insurance. This week, the Journal explores the tough job market for Americans 25 and under.

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Career Advice Nov 07 2011

One Way to Get Attention for Your Start-Up

Stephanie Rosenlund, founder and chief value creator of a new ad platform and entertainment network, adpropo, saw a useful way to enhance and promote her site, which launches in its beta form this January.

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Career Advice Nov 02 2011

So You Want to Be a Scab

During the Depression, when more than a quarter of the population was out of work, the unemployed still wouldn't cross a union picket line. Not anymore.

What Would You Do?

Answer the question and see how you match up with the rest of the FINS community.

You've just been offered your dream job, but... you have to cross a picket line.


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Career Advice Oct 31 2011

The Career Road of Occupy Wall Street

As the Occupy Wall Street movement pushes into its sixth week and continues to spread to other cities around the globe, participants are discovering an unexpected benefit. Many of them are gaining more hands-on experience and saleable skills to help them in their career pursuits.

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Career Advice Oct 27 2011

When Great Performance Won't Get You a Promotion

Do you think that just because you do a great job you'll make more money and get promoted? Think again. In her new book, Alexandra Levit outlines 10 common career myths that can keep you from succeeding.

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Career Advice Oct 26 2011

Best Networking Tips

Networking is a critical part of any job hunt, yet it's probably the easiest thing to get wrong. Knowing a few etiquette guidelines can help you keep your conduct aboveboard, and perhaps ease a few fears about putting yourself in front of the well-connected.

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Career Advice Oct 25 2011

Company Benefits Disappear as Economy Sputters

With the economy still sputtering, companies are eliminating employee benefits that don't boost the bottom line and shifting more costs onto employees for those they keep.

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Career Advice Oct 24 2011

How to Play Office Politics to Get Ahead

What companies can do to help promising executives succeed at office politics.

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Career Advice Oct 20 2011

Jobs Don't Pay What They Used To

Is a dream job still a dream job if you're making less than your peers? Recession-weary companies are doling out lower starting salaries. Smaller paychecks aren't necessarily a deal breaker for most job seekers.

What Would You Do?

Answer the question and see how you match up with the rest of the FINS community.

You've just been offered your dream job, but... you will make less money than others in your group.


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Career Advice Oct 18 2011

What's Your Sales Personality?

Like to push your point of view and challenge conventional thinking? If so, consider a career in high-end business sales in the near future. Or are you more the type to look for solutions to problems before and after a sale has been made? In that case, you might want to consider a job at a luxury car dealership.

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