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Career Advice Mar 15 2012

Ten Subjects Not to Broach During a Job Interview

Thanks to the rise of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, dumb interview moves are taking on a new character. The urge to share everything about one?s life with friends and strangers via cyberspace is invading the very private atmosphere of the recruiter's office.

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Career Advice Mar 14 2012

Leave Your Parents at Home

Getting the gears moving in the right direction at the beginning of that first job hunt can be one of the hardest parts of the search. Lindsey Pollak, author of ?Getting From College to Career,? talked to FINS about what new graduates can do to get a leg up.

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Career Advice Mar 09 2012

How to Become Top Dog in the C-Suite

It takes more than superior performance to cross the finish line nowadays, as corporate boards have increased their focus on management succession. At the same time, boards rarely divulge the additional requirements that executives must meet to land a senior spot.

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Career Advice Mar 07 2012

More Companies Post Jobs via Smartphones

Corporate recruiters have been slow to adapt their online strategies for the mobile revolution.

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Career Advice Mar 01 2012

Pinterest Experience Required for Social Media Jobs

Rapid growth has led more employers to require experience with the photo-sharing site.

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Career Advice Feb 23 2012

When Your Content Needs a Leader, Hire a Chief Content Officer

The trendiest new title in the executive suite is the Chief Content Officer. These folks do everything from act as an editor-in-chief to help market their brands via the Web and social media. At places like Netflix, where Ted Sarandos reigns, the pay can reach into seven figures.

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Career Advice Feb 22 2012

Myths About Young Workers Hamper Collaboration

Bruce Tulgan, author of 'Managing Generation X,' shares his insights with FINS on how older workers can better understand and benefit from younger colleagues -- and how those younger workers can better position themselves for success.

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Career Advice Feb 17 2012

Career Coaches Learn Lessons From Jeremy Lin

Not many of us are 6-foot-3 Harvard graduates who can play at the level of professional basketball. That hasn't kept career coaches, along with t-shirt, sneaker and other tchotchke-makers, from cashing in on the Jeremy Lin phenomenon at the New York Knicks.

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Career Advice Feb 10 2012

Five Ways to Motivate Your Sales Force

You've spent over ten years in the trenches. You've nailed almost every target, surpassed nearly every expectation for earned revenue and built up a hefty client list. Taking on the role of sales manager should be a natural progression, right? Not exactly.

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Morning Coffee Feb 10 2012

Ten Tips for Keeping Your Temper at Work

You know the feeling. That co-worker of yours has been driving you nuts all day with constant chatting. Or perhaps it's a subordinate who can never get it right. Or maybe that last demand from an unreasonable boss. So one day, you lose it.

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