Career Advice Mar 02 2012

Pinterest Experience Required for Social Media Jobs

By damian ghigliotty

Add Pinterest expertise to the list of social media experience needed for Web jobs these days.

Rapid growth has led more employers to require expertise with the photo-sharing site. Pinterest, which allows users to post and share images, had more than 11 million unique visitors in January, according to comScore, more than double that of the previous month. About 68% of the site's users are women, comScore said.

"Pinterest is quite the hot cake right now and someone who knows how to use it obviously understands the importance of content curation," said Archana Patchirajan, co-founder of the mobile app developer Clingle, which wants to hire a freelance blogger. "These days, when people are so busy, it's easier to look at a photo and click rather than read through a lot of text."

In the past six months, employers have posted 72 job ads specifying Pinterest experience, according to Wanted Technologies, a provider of hiring research based in Quebec City, Canada. Sixty-one of those job postings went up in the past two months, while 11 were placed between September and December, said Bruce Murray, Wanted Technologies' chief executive.

"Employers are now looking for candidates with Pinterest experience because the site is growing so quickly," he said. Wanted Technologies said Pinterest expertise is required for a digital media job at Lacoste, a marketing job at Paramount Pictures, a social media job at Minnetonka Moccasin Co. and an associate food editor job at Time Warner.

Among a list of 53 blogging jobs aggregated by in the past week, four called for applicants who have experience using Pinterest. Two were for fashion bloggers and video game reviewers.

"Right now, Pinterest is really big among those in fashion, home design and food," said Joel Brodie, founder of Gamezebo, a video game news and review site. Brodie wants to hire freelance writers who know how to use the photo-sharing site to help promote his site, he said.

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