Morning Coffee Mar 01 2012

New Patch Office is a Grown-Up Playground

By damian ghigliotty

Talk about working comfortably.

Patch's new central office in New York includes an Irish-themed pub area and a fitness room with treadmill desks that allow employees to work out while they work, Forbes reported.

Only the 250 Patch employees based in Manhattan will get the new perks. The vast majority of the site's 1,400 employees will continue to work from their own homes or smaller rented work spaces throughout the U.S.

Offices with amenities such as video games, foosball tables and free booze have been popularized by tech companies such as Google. The Boston-based ad agency Arnold installed its own beer vending machine that uses Twitter to communicate with those in need of a drink.

AOL's head honcho, Tim Armstrong, is "a big proponent of games and booze in the workplace," according to Forbes staff writer Jeff Bercovici who previously worked at Google.

That could explain why Rachel Fishman Feddersen left the Parenting Group to join Patch as its chief content officer last month. (Forbes)

Sales Buzz

Panasonic's New Pres (WSJ)

Kazuhiro Tsuga, 55, head of Panasonic's audio-visual division, is taking over as the Japanese electronics maker's new president. His first job: reversing recent losses.

Staples Job Cuts (MarketWatch)

Staples is cutting "several hundred jobs" in Europe and Australia as the company struggles with disappointing sales.

Sears Holdings' Fate (Crain's Chicago Business)

Crain's Chicago Business asks readers to pick their Sears metaphor: sinking ship or foreclosed home? How about retail's version of the Mets?

Marketing Buzz

James Murdoch Steps Down (WSJ via FINS)

James Murdoch is stepping down as executive chairman of News Corp.'s embattled U.K. newspaper unit as he relocates to New York to take on the role of deputy chief operating officer. News Corp. is the parent company of Dow Jones, which owns FINS.

Guess Additions (Retailing Today)

Los Angeles-based clothing designer and retailer Guess Inc. has added two new people to its executive ranks: Chet Kuchinad as its chief people officer and Amber Tarshis as its senior vice president of marketing.

New Marketing Role (Marketing Week)

Marketers are now preservers of brands, rather than creators, according to Unilever's marketing chief.

Kimberly Paige Talks Race (Ad Age)

Coca-Cola North America's assistant vice president of African American marketing, Kimberly Paige, talks about how she got into the business and her views on marketing segmentation.

Buzz Around the Office

Long Flight (YouTube)

This guy broke the Guinness World Record for longest paper airplane throw.

List of the Day: Abandoning Ship

If you've decided you're intent on leaving your current job, here's how to do it properly.

1. Give at least two weeks notice, if not more.

2. Don't burn any bridges – you never know who you'll work for down the line.

3. It's wise to have something in place before you leave.


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