Morning Coffee Jun 29 2011

Pepsi CEO's Problem

By chris prentice

PepsiCo's chief Indra Nooyi may be losing her luster. Pepsi trailed not only Coke, but also Diet Coke in soda sales last year. As if losing out to a diet cola were not enough, Pepsi's beverages Chief Marketing Officer Jill Beraud's recent departure sparked a sudden, seemingly unplanned reorganization of the company's beverage marketers.

Amidst all the worrisome news, Nooyi has had to reaffirm her commitment to the brand.

It's quite a change for the high-profile CEO often called a visionary. Nooyi began pushing for Pepsi to diversify its product lines and build a healthier image when she joined the company as a corporate strategist in 1994.

Nooyi has been defending her diversification strategy -- and subsequently her professional prowess -- amid growing criticism. Taking her eye off the company's main revenue source -- sugary, fattening drinks -- may have been a mistake.

Now, to save her reputation and her brand, Nooyi will also boost ad spending and sales for Pepsi's traditional products. (WSJ)

Sales Buzz

Poaching Concerns Grow (FINS)

Firms are bringing back perks to keep talent around. Almost half of human resources executives said they are worried their best employees will leave for competitors, according to a new survey.

People Want Their Kicks (MarketWatch)

Slow economic recovery or no, consumers want sneakers. Nike Inc. lifted its sales forecast from $27 billion to as much as $30 billion in sales by 2015, on rising global demand.

Hope for College Grads (Fortune)

The number of recent college grads finding jobs jumped 22% from last year to 35,372 in 2011. Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Teach for America and Verizon Wireless were the top entry-level hiring groups.

Marketing Buzz

WPP Adds Digital Marketing Jobs (FINS)

The Dublin-based ad giant is getting even bigger with a new data and analytics unit designed to better target ads to consumers.

Google vs. Facebook's Next Round (WSJ)

Google began a trial period for its Google+ product in an effort to replace Facebook as the default information-sharing networking.

Wednesday Is the New Thursday (Ad Age)

Wednesday night may overtake Thursday with the second-highest number of television viewers, according to a new survey. Sunday is likely to hold its top spot.

Buzz Around the Office

Balloon Explosion (YouTube)

Uh oh.

List of the Day: Four Ways for Parents to Help a Recent Grad

1. Keep them on your insurance.

2. Fund their Roth IRA.

3. Help them get a "secured credit card."

4. Provide an old-fashioned loan.

(Source: SmartMoney)

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