Morning Coffee Jun 24 2011

The Colleagues Who Can Kill Your Career

By chris prentice

Selling is all about building relationships. Focusing on the positive ones is imperative, according to Philip Styrlund, CEO of the Summit Group, a sales training firm.

The same is true of your career.

People you encounter in your career -- bosses, colleagues -- who energize you are what Styrlund terms "additive multipliers." They are the people you should spend more time developing relationships with at work. In fact, spending too much time on relationships with the opposite -- people who Styrlund describes as "depleting dividers" -- could earn you a pink slip.

According to sales blogger Geoffrey James, you do your best work when you're working with additive multipliers. Working with depleting dividers can be disastrous.

Take a moment to reassess your current and past work relationships: Did they motivate you, or not? (BNet)

Sales Buzz

Tiffany & Co.'s Exec Changes (FINS via Dow Jones)

The jewelry retailer announced executive changes yesterday, sparking speculation that the company may soon have a new CEO.

Wal-Mart Case's First Echo (Bloomberg)

Women accusing Costco Wholesale Corp. of gender bias could be the next set of employees affected by the Supreme Court's decision to block a class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart.

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Wal-Mart Wants Bite of Big Apple (Crain's NY)

The discount retailer wants to open stores in New York and may agree to buy local to get its way.

Marketing Buzz

Google to Get Served (WSJ)

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission may be getting ready to launch an antitrust investigation that could call Google's search business into question.

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Being Liked May Be Worthwhile (Adweek)

Facebook marketing is all the rage. Data from Experian-owned Hitwise suggests that each new fan will drive an additional 20 visitors to a business's website.

Everyone Loves an Easy Survey (Ad Age)

A new product from Paris-based research company Toluna can help marketers build online surveys and reach an audience of four million with ease.

Buzz Around the Office

Front-Page News (imgur)

Where was the "lamestream" media on this groundbreaking story? Oh yeah, here.

List of the Day: How to Handle Salary Questions in Interviews

1. Quote the total package, including bonuses and other benefits, you have had in the past.

2. Emphasize flexibility if the job you're applying for pays less than you've made in the past.

3. If want more than you have made in the past, say so.

(Source: Glassdoor)

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