Morning Coffee Jun 08 2011

Rude, Pushy Salespeople Scare Away Customers, Survey Says

By chris prentice

Newsflash: Customers don't like rude and pushy salespeople.

Some 64% of shoppers left stores because of bad customer service, including rude or pushy salespeople, a survey of 1,000 Americans by Consumer Reports found in its first annual cross-industry "consumer gripes" report. The survey also found that two-thirds of consumers hung up on customer service representatives before their problems were addressed because of poor customer service. (Consumer Reports)

"That shocked me," Mark Kotkin, director of survey research at Consumer Reports since 2006, said in a phone interview with FINS. "Hanging up on the phone not as much, because sometimes you're short on time. But walking out of a store was a surprise."

Someone must have good reason to abandon a shopping errand, Kotkin said. The report also suggested customers find ways to make their dissatisfaction public through social media outlets including Twitter and Facebook.

Sales Buzz

Chrysler's New Management (FINS via Dow Jones)

Chrysler Group LLC detailed a handful of management changes, including appointments to the auto maker's regional divisions in Canada and Mexico.

Magic Kingdom Cuts (AOL)

Disney is preparing to lay off about 200 of its 5,000 employees amid declining home entertainment revenues. The cuts will affect employees in distribution, home entertainment and product management.

Groupon Goes to the Market (Ad Age)

Groupon tested its first venture into the aisles of supermarket chains. The Groupon/Big Y supermarket deal in Massachussets allowed customers to use loyalty cards to receive discounts on seafood.

Marketing Buzz

Better with Age (Adweek)

Publicis Groupe shareholders at Tuesday's annual meeting voted to raise the age limit from 70 to 75 for board members. The decision means chairman and CEO Maurice Lévy, 69, won't be forced out next year.

Big Break (Hartford Business)

Hartford-based Garage Media will help fill the walls of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The fledgling outdoor digital media company will manage advertisements on walls of the three-block-long bus terminal in New York.

Oil and Water (Adweek)

Talk about bad planning: a Father's Day advertisement situated below an anti-domestic violence print campaign that announced one in four women in Britain will be beaten by their husbands.

Buzz Around the Office

The Social Network on Your Arm (YouTube)

Commitment to Facebook friends reaches a whole new level.

List of the Day: Bad Career Moves after You Make a Mistake

1. Lying.

2. Not learning your lesson.

3. Harping on the issue.

(Source: BNet)

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