Morning Coffee Oct 21 2010

Uncle Sam Wants Tech Pros

By john shinal

It's not just name-brand technology giants and fast-growing startups who are looking to hire more tech workers.

Fierce competition for the most-talented IT and engineering pros extends to every sector, including defense. The U.S. Department of Defense is being advised to create incentives for those who know how to acquire IT hardware and services, as it looks to improve its information technology.

It's also seeking closer ties with its cybersecurity contractors to protect itself against attacks. Both efforts will likely add more tech jobs to the Washington region's already strong job market. (Reuters)

The Struggle of Older IT Workers (FINS)

Even successful employees who retrain to acquire new skills can face extra hiring hurdles as they age.

Nokia's New CEO Comes Out Swinging the Ax (Reuters)

Stephen Elop, the former Microsoft executive brought on to turn around the Finnish mobile giant, announces better-than-expected earnings and fires 1,800 workers, cheering Nokia shareholders.

Officially a Trend (TechFlash) Inc. became the latest California tech company to create a Seattle outpost, securing office space that can house about 80 workers. It joins Facebook, Google and Zynga, among others, in the Northwest.

Far East of Redmond (WSJ)

Look for Microsoft to have more employees in New York after the software giant unveiled an agreement with Gotham City to provide services for all departments.

Come Home, Comrade (

China is trying to lure its overseas engineers, known as "sea turtles" in their native land, back home to help advance key sectors such as telecommunications and computing services.

It's Easy Being Green (IEEE Spectrum)

The growth of green technologies, including renewable energy, is expected to drive robust demand for electrical and mechanical engineers during the next decade.

Start'em Early (SJ MercuryNews)

A group of school districts east of San Francisco is putting training for future tech jobs in its high schools.

Motor City 2.0 (MichiganLive)

Health care reform, likely to create more tech jobs throughout the U.S., is expected to do so in Michigan as well.

Ten Leaders in Tech (InfoWeek)

Want to work for the best? Here's a list of the top companies in IT.

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