Sales Job Watch Oct 19 2010

Three Recruiting Tips for Sales Managers

By shareen pathak

When a sales team fails to perform, it might be because of who the sales manager hired, and when.

Sales managers often make mistakes in their hiring practices, leading to problems with who they hire -- and ultimately, their sales team's numbers, according to the Albany Business Journal. Here are some tips to recruit effectively.

1. Recruit continuously, not only when there is a need for it. If you only start hiring when there are plenty of unmet quotas, it creates pressure on existing employees. Interview each month, even if there are no openings. You never know when demand will go up and you'll need some warm bodies.

2. Focus your hiring process on soft skills, like attitude, ethics and coachability. Don't be too focused on the numerical achievements of each candidate.

3. Stick to the rules yourself. Have empathy for your new hires and lead by example. Potential employees will understand how you work, and will be quick to follow your example, leading to a better work atmosphere.

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